How I Solved Related Posts not Showing when Running WordPress, JetPack, and Nginx

Ever since I started this blog up again at the beginning of January, I wanted to have related posts be visible at the end of each post. I use JetPack and I figured turning Related Posts on would be easy and I would be all set.

Well, not so much.

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Learn to Code as Early as You Can!

One thing I always wish I would have paid more attention to when I was younger was coding. I believe my generation is just the start of the potential batch of humans that become masters of writing code and making apps that do random things. My problem is I feel like I’m a bit behind the curve because I didn’t pay as much attention to it nor did I have a solid path to learn code in the first place…

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If I Could Change Just One Thing

I get it. Working with another team can suck at times. I’ve had my fair share of cases where I wasn’t exactly thrilled about the idea of working with a team of people who I didn’t believe were in the right position to be of assistance. While that’s certainly my opinion, it’s not my place to tell them they’re idiots. It’s also not appropriate. That’s not the only thing that bothers me about inter-team dynamics that seems all too common today.

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Favorite Thing to This Day

In school my favorite subject was “Computers.” At the time, I didn’t quite know what that meant, nor did I really care. Kids thought I was nerdy because computers weren’t cool. The popular kids didn’t care about computers, they were athletes. That’s how they made friends. That didn’t deter me from keeping up with what I enjoyed the most. Continue reading “Favorite Thing to This Day”

Just Sit Down and Write with Desk

I’ve been writing pretty religiously for the last few weeks now—I officially started this new chapter on January 6th—and one thing I’ve failed to talk much about is what exactly I do my writing on. I could go into a huge, winded preamble about how the best software matters and this and that and the other thing, but I’ll spare you the sappy crap. The reality is, I have one app I use when I’m at my desk, tapping away at my keyboard, making words appear in sentence form on a screen. It’s called Desk. Yes, I use my computer on my desk, but on my computer is Desk. Boy that would be confusing if English wasn’t your first language. Anyway, without sounding two advertorial—sorry not sorry—I want to tell you a bit about the app.

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The Workforce in 2030

I recently caught a TED Talk by Rainer Strack on the shifting of the workforce in the few decades to come. There’s a fundamental change that’ll take place soon and one thing’s for sure, there’ll end up being a lot more vacancies in the job market than there are now. I’m sure you’re wondering: [Conservative] How can this be? Isn’t the economy in the toilet, still? [Progressive] How can this be? Isn’t the economy doing great already? Well fear not pundit! Because neither really matter. See, it’s not about how the economy’s doing but who’s working. In the 50s, we had what you’d call a “boom.” It wasn’t an industrial boom, nor an oil boom. It was a baby boom. While it sounds all fine and dandy, the problem lies in what will happen when that sharp population growth that took place fifty and almost sixty years ago all of a sudden decides to retire. I’m sure you can figure out the rest.


On the Bus in the Fog Unlike a Dog on a Log in a Bog with Nog

This is the first time I’ve tried to write a post on the bus. There’s a lot of free time to be had on the bus, that I could just waste reading ArsTechnica articles or scrolling Facebook. But after my recap on the finicky relationship I have with my iPhone I feel like it’s necessary to look into putting it to better use.
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Taking Notes

Reflecting on my journey so far, one thing I’ve noticed that seems to be most consistent is my desire to write has improved, ten fold. Instead of coming up with huge elaborate stories or long-winded essays about something I don’t even know if I completely understand, I’m starting to keep my thoughts to under a thousand words. This keeps me from getting bored with what I write, and if I do choose to write something more long-form, I can do so without feeling like that’s all I do and it’s just more words on a page. I’m also finding that I’m wanting to take time out of my day, whenever it is, to “write something real quick.” Take last weekend, for example, I wrote a total of [x] posts and published them all. Were they all related? No, but they were all things I had going on in my head and I made sure to take the time to put them down and share them. 

Going forward, I think this is something I’ll be doing more often. This has been a product of the changes in my morning routine now that I’m writing every day, almost without fail. So far I’ve had to resort to looking at my notes but a few times, but I can only speculate if that’ll get better or worse. I have at any one time, several different things I’m pondering or thinking about and am taking note of them on my iPhone with the built-in Notes app so when I get home in the evening or start spinning up first thing in the morning, I can look back on it and pick up where I left off. There’s no shame in checking notes to remember what you might want to talk about. I have complete faith that even the best of us do that, too. 

If you have a lot of things you want to talk about but don’t ever remember them, writing them down when they pop into your head could save your bacon one day!

Positioning for the Journey to Dreamland

I saw a rather interesting article this morning via the Wall Street Journal that talks about finding the perfect sleep position. I couldn’t help but think: “is there some mad science in here that will give me the answer to all things sleeping so I can sleep mad sleeps and wake up feeling like a million dollars?” Well, no. The only way to wake up feeling like a stack of cash is either a) have a million dollars or b) eat some of those crazy mushrooms the kids like.

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