For-Profit Colleges

It’s not really surprising that Corinthian Colleges shut its doors. It’s also not surprising that there are students out there who are angry the schools are closing.

I see two things come from this event.

  1. Everyone with pitchforks who hate for-profit colleges want to see them all burn.
  2. Too many students are upset because they’re now without a completed degree, but don’t understand their degree probably wouldn’t land them a job in the first place.

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The Vox Media Open Source Meme Generator

I spent some time scouring GitHub this afternoon looking for cool projects. One I stumbled upon was a tool created by Vox Media for creating Twitter cards and Instagram images that included text, source, and site brand logo. I thought it was pretty interesting so I gave it a look-see and started it up in my own space.

I’m not sure if it’ll serve me much purpose and I haven’t seen Vox use it much if at all lately. It might have been a one-time use tool, probably around election time. If you’re interested in giving it a whirl, check it out their GitHub page, their running example, or my running example.

One thing I’m not sure they totally get is that these image aren’t quite memes. These are memes.

Killing It In People Relations

My latest challenge in my career is executing the position of Senior Technical Support Lead for the Americas at Zephyr, the software company that is, I believe, up-ending the software test management space. My primary responsibility is making technical support as awesome as possible for our Americas customers. This got me thinking on what resources I could use to my advantage in bettering the experiences our customers have when they call in or open a case at

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Dust Settling

It’s been a couple weeks since I posted anything substantial, for good reason. Today is one of the first days I’ve had since the beginning of the month to sit down and write, now that the dust is settling. Moving is a big deal and is nothing short of a lot of work. Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing some of my adventures and experiences. After that, I’ll talk about what it’s like for a northwesterner in California, a state that’s had minimal rain since I arrived. I’ll give you a sneak peak: I’m already tan.