My Postmates Experience Live Blog

I was feeling a bit lazy tonight but wanted food, so instead of going somewhere, I desired for someone to bring the food to me. Are they up to the challenge of being summoned by Postmates, picking up my Gyro and traversing Silicon Valley, to my driveway, through the first controlled access roadblock, to my building, and through the second controlled access liftway? Let’s find out.

This is my pseudo-live blog on my first Postmates experience.

Stay tuned to the end to see if the food was any good!

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Testing Out a New Temporary Markdown Editor

I’ve been in search for a backup Markdown editor while my goto app is updated to fix a rather lethal crash bug. For those wondering, as of this writing, Desk PM is my goto and when attempting to work through the publish menus, the app always crashes, and always forgets my work. No good.

So in the meantime I had to find an alternative, if I’m going to restart my blogging habits for 2016.

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Have you Ever Seen a Post So Beautiful?

I’ve been having a hard time with inspiration, lately. I even moved back to WordPress to hopefully make the writing process as painless for myself as possible. It’s taken a lot of time and effort to figure out what it is about now compared to last year that’s made it so hard to want to write on a regular basis.

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