Goodbye Dev Blog

I thought I would use it, I really did. I like Ghost as a platform but it’s just not where I want it to be, right now. Perhaps in a year or so, I’ll give it another shot with serious intentions.

In other news, the New Relic agent monitoring it sucks up memory like a Dyson vacuum. For an app that literally is doing nothing, New Relic’s NodeJS agent sure seems to look like it’s doing a lot of work.

I’m sorry, I need my RAM back. It’s nothing personal.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like New Relic as a whole. They watch over my PHP environment, nginx and MySQL servers, and my server as a whole on the resource and load level for free. That’s pretty good in my book. Plus, all those agents seem to be playing nice, so they can stay.

One thought on “Goodbye Dev Blog

  1. Hi Jonathan, as you may be looking for an alternative node.js monitoring tool … what about giving ruxit a shot? We provide one universal agent (autodetecting your services; zero configuration needed!). We visualize your environment with our Smartscape technology. And if problems occur we point you to the root cause instead of raising countless alerts. As node.js support is just leaving beta status we would be very interested in your feedback to improve our product further! Just visit our web page where you can contact us via chat any time. Stefan

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