New About Page

I was able to stick to my routine this morning and sat down to craft my About page. I’ve never really spent much time working on it so reflecting on who I am and how I got here was actually very helpful in deciding what to write and what to share. Looking back, I can’t really think of a good reason why I didn’t write one before, except for the idea that I just didn’t take it very seriously. 2015 is full of changes, including this one. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need some coffee!

Read about yours truly here.

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Finding a Short Domain Based on a Name is Harder Than Ever

I’ve always really enjoyed having a short address to rely upon when I tell people where to find my sites. I’m personally of the idea that the shorter you can get your address and have it still make sense, the better, especially on mobile devices. Not everyone is willing to type in when having is much better, or even, if it’s available.

A lot of the two-letter TLDs belong to countries and some have rules or restrictions on who can register with them. The ones that don’t have rules or restrictions typically still charge an arm and a leg. For example, we all know the URL shortener Would you believe me if I told you that the .ly TLD goes for $150 for the first year on Renewals are $230 for a single year. That’s a lot. There are TLDs that are much cheaper, like .co, .io, .is, .me, and whatnot, which is great!

Some however aren’t…

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Half-Way There

Today marks my half-way point on my #10DaysBetterBlog journey.

This site has served many purposes over the last couple of years, and none of them have really taken off. Looking back on how my routines have changed and what I am spending more time focusing on, I can really tell that at some point in the future that I can’t determine (yet), this site will finally become a permanent and consistent place for me to write and share my voice and thoughts.

One thing I’ve always thought about doing is starting a full-on tech blog, but the work involved is greater than the amount of time I have to spend, right now. I’m sure that’ll change in the future, and when it does, I’ll revisit the idea. In the mean time, I’m content with this one property. Continue reading “Half-Way There”

Why I Write

Part of this newfound journey I’m on to blog better is to look inward at myself and try to figure out why I write. It’s more difficult than it sounds because I feel I have two thoughts that form some sort of answer.

I have a thought, maybe two.

Sometimes there are topics and ideas that just sound interesting. Sometimes things are utterly stupid. Certain situations make stupid stuff interesting. I like to look at writing as me telling you what I think. By reading these words, you’re telling me you have at least a small interest in what I think. Continue reading “Why I Write”

You Really Just Would not Understand!

Screenshot 2015-01-06 20.14.21

I’m hoping that someone can explain to me why in the literal hell I would think this is something I would wear.

It’s just a Johnathan thing. You wouldn’t understand!

Are you sure? At what point did I become such a pompous ass that everything I do, every action I take and word that comes out of my mouth raised to such a level that nobody on God’s green earth would understand it, even to a fraction of a degree?  Continue reading “You Really Just Would not Understand!”

Poor Planning on Your Part Does not Necessarily Constitute an Emergency on Mine

While some would call him a tool, Bob Carter‘s famous statement above rings truer than ever in my world. This post shall kick of a new series on project management faux pas. I’ll be tossing in my every so slightly jaded views and perhaps a rant or two where needed.


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Disabling Comments on Existing Posts After Disabling Comments Site-Wide with WordPress

Update: I can’t seem to replicate this issue anymore and thus closed out the bug I submitted below.

I ran into an issue this morning after disabling comments site-wide on this particular site that I could no longer enable the Discussion widget to disable comments on existing posts. Since this seems like an issue others would run into, I took the liberty of creating a bug against WordPress 4.1 addressing the issue. If you’re interesting in following, feel free to do so here or via the bug itself.


While clunky, my work around was to re-enable comments site-wide so as to have the Discussion widget return as an option in the Post Editor so I could disable comments for my existing posts. I cannot speak as to wether it was limited to just published posts as I did not test it.