Ryan Gibley on The Martian

I was combing Rotten Tomatoes’ reviews of The Martian, and one popped out at me as one of those reviews that make it seem like the reviewer didn’t actually watch the movie and or didn’t know there was a book…

Ryan Gibley from The Statesman said this:

All the while, he is keeping a video diary in which he is sassy (“In your face, Neil Armstrong!”) as he outlines every step of his plan to make contact with Planet Earth. It’s almost as if he knows he’s a character in a movie.


As someone who read the book, I can tell you Matt Damon’s character, Mark Watney, is like this in the book, too.

2 thoughts on “Ryan Gibley on The Martian

  1. That is funny… I’m about halfway through the book and you’re right, that review makes it seem like they didn’t know. And without being a huge spoiler…. come on, if you’re stuck on Mars by yourself, you’re bound to have some kind of sass in those victories. 8^D

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