After 200 Posts... What's Next?

I published my 200th blog post for the year, just a bit ago, with a review of the free markdown editing app Writed. It’s crazy to think that starting in January, up until today, July 9th, I’ve written 200 blog posts (with this one being #201).

I’m not entirely sure what the next 200 posts will hold, but I hope to be able to get them in before the end of the year. There’s a tad less than 1/2 of the calendar year to go so I’m looking at quite a challenge, but I was able to start strong in the beginning of the year so there’s no excuse why I can’t sit down and bust out 200 different things I want to talk about.

I have a lot on my mind.

The Weekend Off

I took the weekend off from blogging. It’s the first time in a while that I haven’t posted something, even just a link. I wanted to take time and focus on myself and personal enrichment. Because I’m looking for a new job since we’re moving, it was fitting that I spend most of my time in that category, including education. I spent all weekend working on my CCNA and sprucing up my Linux deployment skills. It’s nothing too exciting, but I did learn that NodeJS is a little memory leaker, that’s for sure.

I started a dev blog running Ghost, just for kicks, and let it sit. It gets zero traffic, but NodeJS keeps using more memory. I feel it’s one of those things that’ll eventually use as much as it can and deal with the repercussions later. I am not thrilled. I’ll keep an eye on it.

Needless to say I’m back on the horse for the week ahead. Next weekend will likely yield the same set of tasks, but I might sneak in a post or two.

After 40 Days of Writing

It’s been roughly 40 days since I started writing on a continual basis. Some days have been more productive than others. There are days when all I manage to come up with are posts about other things going on in the world. I have enjoyed being able to just sit down and discuss what’s on my mind. When I sit down and talk about something that’s on my mind I end up writing a boat load of words. These two posts are good examples. The first covered project management buzzwords and the second covers a god-awful movie.

There is one thing I do more now than I ever did before. I think about what I want to talk about tomorrow. When something appears in my head I determine if it is good fodder for my blog. I don’t have a real direction for my blog just yet. This will change with time. For now I focus on writing and discussing topics I find important. I know someone out there will find them to be interesting. Perhaps they’ll share what they read with their friends. I won’t ever know if they don’t like them because I don’t use post comments. I decided comments were useless. They don’t contribute to my blogging experience in the least bit.

One more cool thing has happened. I didn’t use a comma in this whole post.

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