Computer on the Bus

I brought my computer with me on the bus this morning to see if I could write while riding and came to one horrible conclusion. It’s impossible. One thing bus manufacturers haven’t thought about it making enough space for people to do work comfortably. What’s up with that? Then there’s those crazy side-facing seats. I unfortunately was limited to one of those for a place to sit, if I didn’t want to share with someone and have them look over my shoulder. Aside: don’t think the person next to you isn’t glancing down at your screen. I’m talking to you, co-workers who work for one of the biggest software companies in the world.

The above paragraph was written solely while riding public transportation. As it turns out, it’s incredibly hard to do. The seats are too close together. Maybe I have too big of a computer. Perhaps wanting to have a decently-sized keyboard and a good screen to look at is too much to ask. I should be using an iPad these days, right? Or better yet, just blogging on my phone because that’s what the kids do.

Whatever. I want to use my computer. There’s not much else to this post besides me complaining that I can’t blog on the bus the way I want to. I should probably just stick to blogging at my desk. I seem to enjoy it much more, there. Plus, there’s no one looking over my shoulder as I type. (fact: big pet peeve)

On the Bus in the Fog Unlike a Dog on a Log in a Bog with Nog

This is the first time I’ve tried to write a post on the bus. There’s a lot of free time to be had on the bus, that I could just waste reading ArsTechnica articles or scrolling Facebook. But after my recap on the finicky relationship I have with my iPhone I feel like it’s necessary to look into putting it to better use.

First off, let me be clear. I don’t have any special writing apps to craft posts for when I’m in a bus in the fog writing for my blog (or any other alliterative, Dr. Seuss-type wordplays). I’m using the basic Notes app that comes with all Apple devices these days. I’m not even bothering to check my spelling too much as autocorrect seems to be doing a pretty good job on its own. Now granted if my word choice ends up being a total crapfest, then I feel like I need to go back and update it.

Along with the Notes app comes the [WordPress app from Automattic](http://WordPress by Automattic It’s how I interface with my site from both my iPhone and iPad.

Second, I don’t find it necessary to spend every waking moment writing, although it is enjoyable. I’m sure if I tried hard enough I could find enough stuff to talk about during the day to write non stop for two people.

Third, what’s a blog post anyway but a digital journal entry? All I’m doing is putting my thoughts on digital paper and sharing them. I understand the recourse of the idea that once it’s on the Internet it’s there forever.

At some point, someone will want to sit next to me and hopefully I’ll be close to the end. There’s nothing I hate more than someone peeking over my shoulder trying to see what I’m up to. I get passing glances and whatnot, stuff happens. I can’t expect someone to never catch a glance of my kickass high score in Candy Crush.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to clear my autocorrect dictionary after all the new crap words it seems to have recorded after I wrote this.

PS: I might have seemed a bit ramble. That’s just how I write and think on a moments notice. I wrote this post more so to prove a point that to myself that I can write wherever I am. In the future, I think I’ll have to procure one of those keyboard iPad cases. A small screen makes my thumbs hurt.

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