Returning to Morning Greatness

Yesterday I decided to shake things up a little but when it comes to my morning routine. By shake things up I mean go back to what I used to do that seemed to work so well. And by what I used to do I mean be creative.

I’ve talked about this struggle, before, but moving to California (and the effort therein) really messed up my routine. I’ve decided enough is enough and am slowly working my way back into the old swing. Yesterday, and every day before, I would get up at 8 or even sometimes 7 AM. That’s way too late in my book. My new goal is to return to my 5 AM rise time which will allow me to exercise my mind with tasks I enjoy before work.

With a cup of my home made cold brew iced coffee at my desk, today is day one of that goal. I didn’t make it at 5 AM, but I did get up early. I figure every day I can push a little bit harder.

So what inspired all this? A little site called My Morning Routine. Every Wednesday a new individual is featured on the cover and they spend a few minutes talking about their morning routine and why it’s important to them. You can follow this up with statistics on each of the routines archived and the key points to take away.

For example: did you know the average bed time for their respondants is 11:14 PM? That seems so late to me, but in reality, it’s not. It really depends on what you’re doing at that time. If I wanted to wake up at 5 AM, that may be a bit late, but in my case, 9 PM may not be.

I also found it interesting that 68% of the people featured meditate or practice yoga in some fashion. This intrigues me because of my inital success with meditation.

The stories give me some fuel to shape my own morning routine that I find to work best for me. I’ve added a bit of extra work on top from the sole fact that I’m starting this at the time of year in California when it’s dark until almost 8 AM.

Will it be hard? Probably, but the best things in life are the ones we have to work hardest for.

I look forward to documenting my progress and eventually looking back and wondering how I was able to get by with practically doing just the bare minimum to stay alive (or so it’ll likely seem).


So I’m sitting here, pondering what to write about. I’ve been a terrible person, not sticking to the plan.

If you know me at all, you’ll know it is indeed a chaotic scene when there’s no plan and I’m involved.

Steven Pressfield is one of my new favorite authors and his book Turning Pro speaks great truths about what it takes to transition from average joe doing some crap somewhere to becoming a professional and doing what you really want to do.

There’s a small passage in Turning Pro that fits well in today’s post:

Twelve-step programs say: “One day at a time.” The professional says the same thing.

He’s right though. I could sit here and ramble about how I can’t figure out anything to write, how my creativity is available for just a moment, and how planning out a crazy level of future posts would be fruitless and a waste of time.

If I said all that, it would be true. Sitting here thinking about planning out content makes me tired and want to just watch HBO (which I plan on doing after I finish writing this, anyway). Planning isn’t going to bring creativity. Inspiration is just a trigger for creativity. I could sit and stare out my window at the street and get inspiration creative.

There’s a million ways to come up with an idea, but the best one is the one where you take it one step at a time, one day at a time.


“Creativity is an act of defiance.” – Twyla Tharp

Creativity is an act of expression using unique methods to convey your thoughts and ideas. We have many forms of creative expression available to us in these times, however it didn’t used to be that way. Creative expression was limited and people who stepped outside the box create by the government or the church were doomed to punishment or worse. Don’t ever take for granted the amount of opportunity you have to share your voice, however small you think it may be. Should the day ever come where we look back on ourselves and witness the changes that happened right under our noses and we kept our thoughts and our voices to ourselves, we will be filled with deep regret and sadness.

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