Maximize Your Free Cloud Storage

I’m a fan of getting as much as you can for free without breaking the rules.

Every cloud storage provider has a variety of changing promos that can give you extra storage space, so it’s always worthwhile to keep an ear to the ground. Some of the promotions we mention here may change over time, but they’ll also likely be replaced by something else. Cloud storage providers seem to like giving away space like candy if it means new customers.

Check out the full article, here! I can speak to the Dropbox bonuses, personally. I have 10GB and didn’t spend a dime to get it.


Last night while I was browsing Medium, I came across a rather exhaustive list of free things startups can use in one capacity or another. 300 Awesome Free Things covers everything and ended up become its own website: Freebie.Supply.

Freebie.Supply covered Business, Marketing, Design/Code, Productivity, and Learning tools that are essentially 100% free. It’s really quite a great resource to poke through and see what you can take advantage of right now, without having to put out a single penny.

That’s all I have for right now. A busy day is ahead of me. Keep up the good fight and continue working on whatever you’re doing to improve your quality of life.

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