I’m always looking for new ways to learn how to code. Up until recently, I had no idea where to really start with Swift, the language used to craft iOS apps and games that mades its appearance in iOS 8.

A few days ago, I came across Swifty, a free app (with a couple in-app purchases) that teaches you the basics of iOS programming. I recommend you go check it out on the App Store. It’s a great way to get started and with no cost for entry, if you don’t like it, you’re not out any money. It’s available for both the iPhone and iPad.

Make a Film with an iPad

…and because this is an ad, we’ll give you thousands of dollars in additional gear that isn’t related to an iPad that your school probably can’t ever afford because Martin Scorsese’s not using an iPad to make this commercial and we want you guys to feel better about it all.


CodeAcademy - The Basics of Code in One Hour

One thing I’m working on is improving my software development skills. In 2015, along with everything else, I want to be much better at programming and development. One tool I used when I first started, and revisited again last night, was CodeAcademy on the iPad. A great app that teaches you the super basics so other languages don’t seem so daunting. It’s free, and anyone can use it. Give it a whirl and download it from the App Store. I mentioned it was free, right?

When you’re done, visit their full site and start learning more advanced stuff. If you’re totally new to coding, start with HTML. In this day and age, it never hurts to know it. If you’ve already been through all of their stuff and want more, check out the post I wrote not too long ago listing other great sources for learning to code.

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