Internetaholics Anonymous

Social media is all around us at this point. It’s hard to avoid a conversation or an interaction with someone without it involving some sort of social media communication. One could argue that it’s the more current version of email, text messaging, and letter writing of days, decades, and centuries past, sure. I’m not entirely sure where I stand on it. I enjoy checking things out on Facebook, I post my photography to Instagram, I tweet… but I enjoy a good face-to-face conversation, too…

From the Gentleman’s Arm Chair

Facebook Despression

Based on a survey of 700 students, the study found that users who engage in “surveillance use”–“brows[ing] the website to see how their friends are doing compared with their own lives”–versus simply using the site to contact friends and family can experience symptoms of depression.


Well duh. One doesn’t need Facebook to get into the mindset of seeing another’s happiness and wish it was their own. This is why I advocate finding other sources of stimulation, like writing! Starting a blog is free in many places.

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