Starbucks Coffeehouse Playlist

13413604_10206144656807181_2769894144566463025_nYou have to kind of care about Starbucks and coffee shop-type music but this morning I strolled into Starbucks and when I went to pay with my Starbucks card via the app, I was able to get the playlist for the music being played at that location.

Turns out, it’s a substantial one, too. Starbucks has a 559 song (at time of writing) playlist on Spotify. To get a better idea of the size, I marked the playlist to be available offline. Using a completely non-scientific measurement of free storage on my system, the playlist occupied just under 5GB at 320kbps quality (Extreme, as Spotify calls it).

As time passes, I’m finding my music tastes shifting in the casual sense. This might just push them over the edge. I’m also getting closer to 30. I wonder if they’re related…

Wireless Streaming of Spotify (sort of)

I’m not sure why I didn’t discover this earlier. My excitement when Spotify came to the PlayStation 4 was moderate and I’ve been using Spotify as an all-but-replacement for my rotting Apple iTunes (now Apple Music) library for some time.

One thing I never put together until today is that I can control what’s playing on my PlayStation 4 via Spotify on my Mac.

I’m sure this isn’t news to a lot of people, but it is to me, so you know what…?

…mind blown.

Playlist for Heads Down Working Hard

I use this playlist of tracks courtesy of Spotify exclusively for work. I try to not to mix my work and home playlists because they serve different purposes and I’m trying to keep them associated as such.

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