Where'd the Wine Go?

The most astute in the crowd will have noticed Weekly Wine hasn’t been updated since issue five. I have a semi-decent reason for that and a peak at what I’m working on in its place.

When I started Weekly Wine, I didn’t quite have the right idea for how much work it was going to require. Picking wine isn’t in and of itself hard. Picking good wine can be a bit daunting. Unless you’re already a seasoned wine vet, chances are your list of goto bottles isn’t super long.

Mine surely wasn’t. Through this excersize though, I’ve discovered a lot of great bottles and rekindled some love for existing ones.

Here’s what I have planned for v2 of Weekly Wine.

It’ll be moving to a more traditional blog format which features an email subscription component. The blog will serve as an archive for past recommendations. The goal with Weekly Wine isn’t to necessarily have a new bottle to share with readers every week, but have enough bottles to pick from so readers have something fun to try each week.

I found myself a couple times getting the weekly wine recs in just under the deadline and that wasn’t great pressure. I don’t cope well with that kind of self-imposed pressure so I tend to punt stuff like that. This is why one issue dropped on a Friday.

If there’s one thing I learned, it’s that maintaining a weekly scheduled thing takes a lot more work than it sounds, and I don’t envy those who do daily mailers.

I’m hoping to get this new incarnation of Weekly Wine up sometime in April. In the meantime, the original five issues will remain at weekly.wine.

Until next time!

“Wine at Saltus” by Ken Hawkins is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Weekly Wine Issue #04

It’s out, and I’m just as happy about this one now as I was last night when I wrote it. If you can’t tell, already, I’m a huge wine fan.

Give it a read here.

Weekly Wine

Happy Wednesday. If it’s not a happy day, it really should be. I wanted to take a few moments and plug a new project of mine: Weekly Wine.

If you’re anything close to a wine person, then I’m pretty sure you’ll find this useful. I came up with the idea of starting a wine club last summer. I had this grand idea of having a monthly subscription service, not unlike many of the clothing/makeup/food boxes so many people seem to be signing up for. What kept me from making this is a reality is that, at least in the United States, the private shipping carriers don’t always ship wine and shipping wine to certain states is either difficult to do without a permit or outright illegal.

Since I didn’t want to become a licensed wine seller in these states, I put the project on ince.

Fast forward a few (six) months and I’ve started a much smaller yet more managable version. Weekly Wine is starting out as a once-a-week email with 2-3 wine picks that meet the following criteria:

  1. not too expensive
  2. varied
  3. international

Beyond that, just about anything is fair game. I’m shying away from Champagne and other bubbly bottles fore the sole reason that when I buy these wines, I’m not planning on drinking the whole bottle at once… I have to be functional the next day. Bubbly wines will go flat long before I have the chance to either finish it or drink enough to form a solid opinion.

Keeping the price fair is a huge deal for me. Sure, I could recommend a $300 bottle from some far away land, but are you going to spend $300 on the recommendation of an Internet stranger? Exactly. Perhaps down the road, once the project grows a bit and the following is sizable. Until then, there are literally hundreds of wines out there that cost way less and taste just as good.

These prices are retail store prices. I don’t get these bottles directly from the wineries (I’m not that good). Restaurants typically charge 2-3x the retail price… crazy right?

Keeping some variety in the mix is key. I suspect, for the first five years, there won’t be a single duplicate. My store of choice is huge and if I had to guess has over a thousand unique bottles of wine. That’s a lot of emails.

It’s easy to think about the typical wine locations as being the prime source for the tasty juice of the gods, but contrary to typical American hubris, there are other countries that make great wine. I want to make sure they’re featured, too.

When I recommend these wines, I’m essentially boiling it all down to answering this simple two-part question:

> Is this wine good enough to buy again and if I had friends over, would I recommend they drink it, too?
If I can answer yes to both parts, it’s going on the list. It’s easy to subscribe to high-class magazines like Wine Spectator or chat up your rich friend who *has a wine cellar full of rare bottles they picked up while in tuscany, spending the summer in their villa and playing polo with the prince of* who gives a crap. Those clowns don’t really know what they’re talking about, anyway. They pay someone to care.

Here, you have someone that cares, and you don’t even need to pay him (me).

Weekly Wine just released its second issue, and the third is on the way. New issues release every Thursday afternoon/evening. I chose Thursday because the following day is Friday and that precedes the weekend. If you’re likely to drink a bottle of wine, I’d bet money these days are more likely to be the days.

I definitely recommend checking out Weekly Wine. It’s killer, the emails are ad-free and not long and rambly, and you’ll thank me.

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